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A Simple Way to Protect Your Home Investment – and Your Family – From a Damp, Moldy Basement

Which stage describes your basement?

Stage 1: Some basements are damp – Musty and moldy smelling. Something causes the smell. It’s usually mildew or other contamination, and it’s usually not healthy.

Stage 2: Some get a little wet – Where you can maybe see water on the floor. This is where furniture or carpet can slowly rot, and the conditions can become perfect for breeding clouds of nearly invisible polluted air. A grayish, musty dust collects on most every surface. Your respiratory system usually responds with coughing, choking or watery eyes.

Stage 3: Others flood – Sometimes during rainstorms or when ground water actually “leeches” through the walls (which are way more porous than you’d ever guess!). When this happens, a moldy mess can get trapped behind walls, inside insulation, where it multiplies day and night. Sometimes the growth is so massive that it comes through the wall material.

News about “black mold” has rocked our industry and nation. Homes that get it have been torn down because there’s not a treatment to “fix” this mold once it gets out of control. This isn’t a cosmetic problem; black mold also kills people. (See info on the “Stachybotrys” mold, which is the slithering poisonous snake of the indoor air industry.)

So, at which stage is your basement? Maybe you never really thought about it – except for the occasional mess! You know, mopping floors with filthy buckets, mounds of wet towels or having sifted through destroyed family photos and other valuables. Yet, two words can help cut this problem at the source:

Sump pump.

Funny name, great product. A sump pump keeps your basement dry – even in storms, deluges, hurricanes or simply a basement that seems to attract water like a sponge.

When you think of the money, waste, worry and potential health hazards of a moldy basement, a little sump pump is a wise investment.