Welcome 2011

Happy New Year from Earl’s Plumbing. To celebrate another successful year in business, we’re posting a special New Year’s blog reflecting our accomplishments of 2010, and our goals for 2011!

Accomplishments of 2010

2010 has been an exciting year. We’ve seen a rapid change in our employee base, resulting in the most well-rounded, top-notch plumbing team we’ve ever had. This year also marked the beginning of a new online advertising campaign, backed by a completely new website. Here are some highlights that helped sow the seeds of success and growth in 2011.

– Earl’s Plumbing survived economic uncertainty with our most successful year so far. Each year since we began, the business has been in constant growth, and this year was certainly no exception
Earlsplumbing.net | 2.0 began development at the end of May, launching mid-September. So far this website has been a stunning success.
– Earl’s Plumbing has spread across the internet. Since February, a vigorous online campaign has extended customer satisfaction to a whole new market.

Goals for 2011

– Look out Redding, here we come! One of our largest goals for 2011 will be to expand our service area to include the Redding area. Soon great customer service and quality plumbing will be available to another 90,000+ locals!
– Create a dedicated mobile version of Earlsplumbing.net, including click to call access.
– Grow, grow, and grow some more. Earl’s Plumbing will always strive to improve customer service, technical training, and all aspects of doing business and servicing people. 2011 will be another opportunity to expand our knowledge and service beyond all limits.

Stay Tuned. . .

2011 is right around the corner. There’s sure to be ups and downs, but along the way we’ll keep you posted with news, plumbing tips, and relevant information. Be sure to check out EarlsBlog often, and don’t forget to comment!

Happy New Year!

First Blog Post

Welcome friends, this is EarlsBlog, the official blog of Earl’s Performance Plumbing. This is just the first of many blogs to come, so to warm everyone up, this is just an introduction to our blog.

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